Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tired Kindergartener

So this is the first week of full day Kindergarten. I knew the exhaustion was coming, but didn't expect it this soon!

Leigh Anne

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School!!!!

Wow, what a big day for a little girl.  This is such a huge benchmark Maylee hit today.  Not a tear was shed (by her or me!!).  She was so excited, which just makes me so excited for her.  She is eager to learn and adjusts very well to new surroundings.  I know she is going to have a great year.  She loves her teacher...and I do to.  I told her I think she has one of the sweetest teachers ever, and she agrees.  We got to meet her teacher last week, and after Maylee talked to her, one of the first things she said about her was, "Mom, she said she has been praying for me"!    How sweet and special is that!!??!!  She made quite an impression.

This morning the school had breakfast called The Boo-hoo Breakfast for Kindergarten moms and Senior moms.  I think there were definitely more tears coming from the senior side.  The President of the school spoke, and had a great story.  He called it the tree house and garden, to sum it up, he never fixed up an old tree house for his kids begged for, or planted a garden his kids wanted to plant.  Now, he would give anything to go back and build the biggest tree house, and plant the grandest garden.  Point being, take advantage of every opportunity with your kids, as it passes so quickly.  What great advice, advice that I'm sure I will need to remind myself of often.  All in all, it has been a great day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The day before Kindergarten...

Today we had a special day, as it was the last day before Maylee starts school. I had decided I would take Maylee and Ella to the American Girl store for lunch. GG happened to be in town, so she was able to join us, which made it extra special! The girls loved every minute. We did have a funny moment where Kit was decapitated, yep her head just came off. I tried to fixed it as fast as I could not to traumatize any of the other little girls in the store!

Another funny thing...the other day we were in the car and talking about school starting and I told Maylee, "you are about to start the beginning of a long journey". She was puzzled so I told her that after Kindergarten she would go to 1st, 2nd and so on through high school. Then I told her after high school she would go off to college for 4 years. I could see fear cover her face, and she said "I don't want to move off", so I told her she could live with us and go to college, but promised her that she would want to move to college. She seemed a little less worried, but then told me she just wouldn't go to high school or college!!! Boy does she have that wrong! But it was funny.
Leigh Anne

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daddy's way...

So we have had a little problem with Hadley lately...she refuses to keep her diaper on. NIGHTMARE for carpet, right!!???!!! So daddy had a solution tonight. Yes that is my baby with duck tape on her diaper. Note, this was his second attempt, she tore right through his first! What a little mess!!!
Leigh Anne

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school haircuts..

So we made a trip to one of the girls' favorite places yesterday...Sweet and Sassy. Maylee has wanted short hair for a long time, so we cut a lot off. Ella got a good cut and Hadley had her first.

I wasn't sure how Hadley would react, so I came armed with plenty of M&M's. At Sweet & Sassy they always get to pick a lollipop after the haircut, but I went ahead and let Hadley have hers right off away. It was so funny when they put her in the chair she had the sucker in her mouth (they have a really long stick). When the put the drape around her, she didn't realize she could use her hands to hold the lollipop stick, so she sat there the whole time with that stick sticking straight out. It was so stink'en cute! When they were finished, she didn't have much of that sucker left!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heavy Heart....

There is a family, whom I have never met, but have many friends who know this dear couple.  They lost their precious little 18 month old boy named Walker yesterday to a rare type of cancer.  They fought hard for a year.  By reading their story on their Caring Bridge page http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerrainey you can see they have they fought with grace and faith, that one could only hope to have during a trail of this kind.  I know a majority of you reading this are mothers whose hearts go out them as well. So I just ask for prayers to uplift this family during this tragic time and their road ahead.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little of what we have been up to...

I took Ella to see the Pinkalicious musical while Maylee was at cheer camp.
Maylee and her sweet cheer camp coach.  Maylee had so much fun...the girl really has some spirit!!
This is Hadley making Maylee rub her feet while they watch tv!
We had a super fun trip with all our cousins and aunts to the aquarium.  Check out the shark behind them!
All the cousins and friends (Dylan sat this pic out).
This past weekend we had our annual Aggie Reunion in College Station.  Look at all the kids!  That is even missing 5 from the whole group.  I love how Maylee and Ella ended up with the 10 week old!
Sweet sisters.
A worn out toddler.
Hadley getting into my make-up and thinking mascara was lip gloss!  Me cleaning up the mess of course!