Friday, August 22, 2008

Blessed or Cursed???

Meet my little friend "Curly":

Matt came home on Tuesday night, and said he had something for us in the car. He returns with this kitten in his hands. The girls were thrilled beyond words. I think the only time the kitten's feet hit the floor, was when he had the chance to escape the girls arms, and would hide under the chair. Maylee did not understand why he was hiding. Hopefully you can guess that Maylee did name this little kitten....not sure where "Curly" came from, but it has stuck.

The girls have had so much fun with Curly, they carry him around in all sorts of things. They have put him in every cabinet, almost every bag they could find (even Maylee's Chick-fil-a bag), stuffed him in a blanket and put in their shopping cart and pushed him around (I was glad to uncover this, literally, when I did....can't believe he didn't suffocate). I can't decide if he is lucky to have a home with such "loving" little girls, or cursed! He really is good with them and has a good nature to him. We are trying to slowly introduce him to Lil Roy. Lil Roy has been such a good cat, we don't want him to run off (Big Roy will be the next challenge)

Proof that this kitten does have claws. I have not seen him use them, but I guess he can stick up for himself some what. Maylee is fine, looks worse than it is. I think she might even be a little proud of these "love marks"!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new first

On last Thursday, I took Maylee to Aunt Chelle and Uncle James's house. She was riding with them to the lake, and GG and Bop and great Grandmother and Grandaddy were going to be there too. We let Maylee go, since I'm too far along to travel that far. Beforehand, she said she was a little nervous, but I knew she would be fine. I think we were probably more nervous since this was the first time she was away from us for multiple days/nights.

Ella had to sit this one out, but it we had good one-on-one time with her. I think it was perfect, especially with the baby coming. I was nervous, however, about Ella would handle not being around Maylee. She actually did well. She would ask about her now and then, but it wasn't constant like I feared.

We picked Maylee up on Sunday evening. We pulled and Chelle and Maylee were standing on the front steps...Matt and I excitedly started waving at our baby....her reaction....she looked at us, started crying and pointing across the street. You see, Chelle had told her they could go across the street (a park) and wait for us. We ruined her plans coming before she got to go to the park! How dare us!! Not quite the welcoming greeting we had envisioned. I really don't think she missed us at all. It's not too surprising as Matt and myself were like that too. We know Maylee will love going to camp, once she is old enough. She had a blast and has been telling us many stories about the lake.

Maylee and Ella were glad to see each other. They definitely are reunited, tearing it up as usual.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Most things change, but a few stay the same....

Last weekend we met up with some college friends in College Station for the 10th Annual "Aggie Reunion". It is always the first weekend in August, so we always know it is on the calender. We had a blast getting together with friends. It is fun seeing the play together as well. So here are a few notes from the weekend:

Things that have changed:

-Our kids now total 12, with four being added in the past year!
-Us moms stay up way past our bedtime...we are talking 12am here!
-After 8, baby monitors are EVERYWHERE!
-Schedules are dictated by nap times
-College Station!! There are so many new establishments! (I remember hearing that from alums when I was in school, can't believe it is now me saying this!)

Things that have stayed the same:

-Friends always having a good time together
-The guys late night poker games (somehow the guys nightly events haven't really been altered)
-Walking around A&M's main campus (main campus is the key word)
-Daddy Burt's little white truck parked at the Tri-Delt house

It was good time had by all, and we look forward to next year!

Somehow this was the best picture I got of most of the kids (Matt had the room so cold, it fogged my lens).

A little girls night would scare the guys if they knew everything said that night! Got to love girl talk!

A tour on campus for the little ones. It was fun. It did end up with a melt-down in the MSC Bookstore for us...I think we really wore them out.