Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow....

Is the big day we will welcome our new baby girl into the world. I really thought she was going to come early, like Ella did. However, I came to terms this week, that she would come on the scheduled day. Maylee is really excited...she keeps asking if the baby is going to get to take a ride at the hospital, which I'm still trying to figure out what she means by that???? Who knows. Maylee wants to know if she can kiss her tomorrow, which I thought was really sweet. It will be interesting to see how Ella acts. I really think she senses things are about to change, as the "terrific twos" are allowing some great moments (not even two yet!!).

No food or liquid after mid-night tonight, and we have to be at the hospital at 10:00. The c-section is scheduled for noon, so I bet we are holding our new baby girl by 12:30. I'll definitely keep you posted!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh what a night.....

Last night was Maylee's first real meeting for Awana's. This is the first year that she has been able to participate. We worked so hard all week on her verses: the Cubbie key verse: God loved us and sent His son; and the Cubbie Motto: Jesus loves me. She had it down and was ready to go.

Matt had left earlier the day, and was going to be out of town working. So at 5, Ella and I dropped Maylee off at her class. Ella and I ran some errands, Target, the pharmacy, and then I was picking up out take out order from McAlister's. Ella and I ran in, got the food, and were back to the car to go pick Maylee up. That was the plan at least.......once at the car, I started searching for my keys. "Are they in this pocket? one? no, please no.....yep, I locked them in the car....and my cell phone too".

I was suppose to pick Maylee up in 20 minutes and I had locked my keys in the car with no phone. I went back into McAlisters, used there phone. After several attempts, I found a locksmith who answered. I tried the number for the church in the phone book, but got no answer. I then called Matt, who was working at his computer, and he tried calling and emailing people at the church. By then my pregnancy hormones (I'll at least blame it on them) had kicked in, tears streaming down as I went out to my locked car to "calm down". My poor baby stranded at the church, while we were stuck, helpless and stuck.

Ella and I waited and waited and waited (an 1 1/2 with a two year old in a restaurant and parking lot can seem like an eternity). It took the locksmith an hour to get there. Finally he did. He started working, and it wasn't looking promising. I called Matt again, and Maylee was with our children's minister. After a while, she finally brought Maylee to me. It was such a great relief to see that little girl, and just have her with me. We decided to go ahead and eat our dinner, while the guy was still working on the car.

I looked outside, and saw the guy climbing through the back window!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I definitely knew my prayers had been answered when he told me how he was able to unlock it. He had the door pried open enough to stick a long wire into the car, and was actually trying to get the keys. The keys slipped, so he was trying again to get them. While trying to get them, he "accidentally" pressed the button on the remote that rolled the back window down!!! Crazy. I was just so relieved after 2 hours......Oh what a night.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Days

Today was the first day back to school (Mothers' Day Out/Preschool). I don't who was more excited, the girls or me! Last night I let the them put on their new school shoes (which have lights that flicker when they stomp), we turned off the lights, and we saw quite the light show.
Today Maylee could hardly wait to get to school b/c her bff Chloe is in her class. We have had many talks about including others while playing, and listening to the teacher. When I picked her up she told me that Chloe and her did not hit each other. I, that is really great. She really throws me sometimes.
Ella did great. She did shed a few tears, after she walked in all by herself and then saw another little boy crying. Totally the domino effect. When I picked her up, several teachers were bragging on how Ella slept 45 minutes on her nap mat!!!!! Everyone was shocked!!! Last year, when she had a crib all to herself, she was usually the only one who had to be pushed up and down the halls in a stroller so she didn't wake the others during nap time. Yeah!!! Our small victories. She did go to bed early tonight, I guess we are getting back on our normal schedule and saying goodbye to summer.