Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS...Fast & Furious

This past week, we participated in our church's VBS. I, along with another teacher, taught 1st grade workbook. We really just played games to help the kids memorize there Bible verse for the day. It was a lot of fun. Our week flew by. The girls are not old enough to participate in the real VBS, so they were just in the church's regular childcare. However, today when I picked them up, I was pleasantly surprised...they had quite a few little projects to take home with them. Here is a sample....I'm sure the teachers did these.

Today it took Maylee
almost 2 hours to finally go to sleep. She was so wound up, but yet so tired. When I peeked in, this what I saw.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maybe she will, maybe she won't....

be an athlete that is. This past week, Maylee participated in a little sports camp. They worked on basketball, soccer, and t-ball. Maylee and another little girl were the only girls in the whole camp. She had fun, but really liked coming up into the stands with me. Maylee thought she needed at least 100 water breaks in the hour of camp. At one point I had to bribe her with a gummy to run all of the bases!

Maylee was really proud to show her daddy her new found skills. I really couldn't believe that at this camp for three year olds, there already was one of "those dads". He would yell "Get your head in the game!" and even "hustle it up!" during Duck Duck Goose! Are you kidding me??!!!...they are three! What can you say...some people.

Here are some pics from the week. As you can see in some of them Maylee looks really into it, then she yawns and looks pretty bored, then she finds she likes entertaining with her cheerleader like moves!

GG & Bop's

Last weekend we were at GG and Bop's. They had so much fun. Maylee would have stayed in the pool forever just like aunt Shell, so they had some fun pool time. Ella liked the pool, but had just as much fun watching:

Aunt Shell and Uncle James, had just got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii, and had some great gifts for the girls. The girls loved showing off their new hula girl ware!! (Sorry the pictures are all out of sorts on this blog, for some reason it stopped letting me move them around)

Blueberry Fun!!

This past Friday, we met Aunt Christine and cousin McCade at a blueberry farm. It was really fun, and the kids had a great time. I do believe Maylee ate at least half of what we picked!

We took the blueberries to GG and Bops, and made a yummy blueberry cobbler. Later we made jam too.

It really was a lot of fun, and we can't wait to go back!

And the race is on...all armed with a bucket.

Maylee quickly learned to pick the dark ones.

Ella thought that her basket should remain empty at all times. Even when Maylee shared, Ella promptly dumped them out.

McCade and Ella had a lot fun playing chase all throughout the blueberries.

Shake'n the blueberry tree.

Zoned out, and ready for a nap.

A fine day of picking!

New Summer Activites

For summer, both the girls are taking gymnastics and LOVING it! They think it is so much fun and I think the trampoline is probably both of their favorites. Last night Ella even broke out from a sprint into a forward roll. Matt was quite impressed.

Maylee is also taking swimming. She really likes it too. Here are some pics of Maylee modeling one of her new swim suites, and Ella in her new leotard (I haven't got Maylee in hers yet, but will try and post that later).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back Tracking a bit

About three weeks ago we made our first trip to Disney World with the girls. Some might say we were crazy. We might say we were, it was really fun. It was quite a bit of work for Matt and me, but we really were glad we did it. We figured out 18 months, might be a little young for that trip, but once we started using the monkey harness (yes, we are those parents), and figured when to miss the crowd, Ella loved it. Maylee had a blast, she still is talking about it, and asking when we can go back!

Here are a few (well quite a few) pics from the trip:

Yes, you are right...this is our fearless child dancing on top of Matt's truck!

The girls are ready for their first day at Magic Kingdom!

Maylee loved Minnie's country home, and then she has her own way riding in the stroller (not that we let that last long).

Maylee was watching the parade as still as she could be. Later she asked us why Mickey's did talk with his mouth and why he didn't use his tongue! Too funny.

A fun day at Animal Kingdom.

We had a Character Dinner, and it was a definite highlight for Maylee, she really was beside herself.

Ella on the other hand, had her obvious reservations.

Our sweet little thieves, trying to take off with someone's stroller!

We really had a great time, full of memories. Hopefully Maylee will remember a few.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Days of Grace

This past weekend was wonderful. I had the chance to get away with our MGM group (Mom's Gone Mild) to Austin. All I had to worry about was me. I stood in awe as I had only one packed bag! We laid around the pool, ate, relaxed, and tried not to worry about our kids.....key word TRIED. No, the dads did great, and we all were grateful.

I left Austin a little early to make it back in plenty of time for Maylee's dance recital. She looked so cute all dressed in yellow. I told Matt this was probably his first of many recitals yet to come....he laughed, knowing there was so much truth to that statement. In all the excitement of yesterday, Maylee missed her nap. So while on stage, she had several really big yawns, but she did great. How can a bunch of three year olds dancing to Kermit the Frog not be one of the cutest things you've ever seen?
We were able to pick up our dancer's pictures at the recital, and I could not help but laugh when I saw the group shot. Our little grace.....pretty much sums Maylee up! I'm sure we will always get a laugh out of this:
She definitely does things her own way! Here is her cute individual pic: