Friday, October 16, 2009

"I'm 3 now.."

I heard that statement many times being told that she wasn't going to wear diapers at night any more because "I'm 3 now" (which she is in one tonight, I convinced her to take baby steps....let's go for a dry diaper in the morning before making that move) or trying to take her temperature by herself with a digital ear thermometer because "I'm 3 now". Miss Ella Bella is really growing up. Three years old, and I just can't believe it. Daily I see her little personality just blooming, and I'm loving every second.
Today we also had her first non exclusively-family party. So her friends got to come celebrate with us, and Ella had so much fun. Here is a little run down:
Even though we are at Paradise Pond (a great playground in our church), my child still finds a way to take her clothes off!

It takes a strong GG and Noni to practically tackle her to get her shirt back on!

Her sweet friends who celebrated with her.

Now to cut loose a bit....

Ella, slightly hesitant, but eating up the attention of everyone singing Happy Birthday to her!
I think this might be our first family picture since having sad is that!
This was the view on the way home...

yet, still holding on to the important things!!

Happy Birthday my sweet Ella!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Party, Party, Party

Ok, so last Saturday we had Hadley's Birthday party with our families. It was a lot of fun. Hadley loved it. We found out she has a LOVE for icing. It was really cute to watch her smear the icing all over her face. On the too much information side, she had a nice pink surprise for us the next day too!ha! She now is walking around pretty well, and its pretty weird seeing the top of her little head bobbling around as she cruises. She also is now participating in the "big girl" play. She really does hang out with the girls in the play room. The other day she really talked to Matt on the phone....she would say hi, babble then laugh, babble then laugh again, and then say bye bye. It was so funny. Matt really got a kick out of that. I just can't believe she is getting so big!

Can't believe this was just a year ago.

Grandma Collins makes everyone feel good!
Pops telling some wild story I'm sure.
Landon came to the party and check out this big boy. He is so cute and full of smiles! I do have to note, he is a BIG boy.....25 lbs and just 6 months!
Last week I actually managed to get my camera to the game to capture a little of the craziness!

These next two are classic: Maylee and Chloe playing in the dirt, oblivious that there is a game going on....hence the batter batting, and then running the bases, right past them, and they never looked up!

This is the best part of the game for them, they get their ticket after the game to exchange for a snack at the concession stand. Oh the joy!
A little Bop lov'en ...the two red heads....just about the exact same color.
GG over loaded....a common sight.
Ella, happy to get a snack too.