Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our little sweetie pie!!!

I can't believe at the end of this week, Hadley will be 11 months! Just one month away from one....she can finally face forward, yeah! She is such a joy, and such a good baby. These days she is really a daddy's girl. She watches Matt like a hawk. She loves LOVES her big sisters too, and the feeling is mutual. Here are a few cute pics of our sweet baby...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Happy Day...

Since the day Ella started to walk, she has wanted to join Maylee in her dance class. It has been a long two years....but today was the day. Ella started dance. She was SO excited. She had so much fun in the class, so it should be a good year with dance. Maylee moved from the pink class to the blue class. She was quite excited to wear blue.

Can't you see the excitement??!!

Look at that sass coming out!

This past weekend we headed down to College Station for our annual "Aggie Reunion" with a group of our friends. We had so much fun. It was really fun to see all the kids together.....they seem to multiply every year! Hadley didn't make the group shot, (as I didn't quite trust Maylee to hold her), so I included her having fun at the pool. It really was a great weekend with great friends.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Foodie Find

Ok, we love cereal and I recently found this cereal. We love it. It is so good for you, and it tastes pretty good too. It has 10g of fiber (which is all whole grain and no lab created fiber) in 3/4 cup and 7g of protein. Also if you have the Sneaky Chef's breakfast cookie recipe, this cereal has made the best cookies yet. I found this at Central Market, but it may be in other stores...I just haven't looked. I know this is so random that I would blog or get excited about cereal....but that is me for you! Just thought I would share!