Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mama's having some fun...

I recently got a new lens for my camera, and boy have I been having fun!! Here are my favorites from the other night:

Now in black in white, just in case you wanted to see :) If you like one better than the other, you will have to let me know!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrating with the Good Doctor

We received an invitation to a surprise birthday party for Dr. Mendeloff, the cardiothorascic surgeon, who performed Maylee's heart surgery. They were going all out, with t-shirts and all. I thought this would be really neat for Maylee, 1) to meet Dr. Mendeloff, she always asks who fixed her heart and 2) because she could see other kids who have had heart surgeries (she is always asking if Ella, Hadley or anyone she can think of had their heart "fixed").

Maylee was so excited, she was really looking forward to the party. We got there, and they called all the kids up on the stage. They started singing Happy Birthday as soon as he walked in. It was really special to see the stage packed with kids who had their hearts fixed by this great doctor.

Dr. Mendeloff, thought he was speaking about being a surgeon, so he went ahead and gave his prepared speech. He mentioned how it took him 18 years of training. I know every parent in that room was so grateful that someone could devote and sacrifice so much for our precious babies' lives. I know that Dr. Mendeloff was just a tool used in God's perfect plan of our baby's life, but what a precious tool and we will forever be thankful for his works.

2004-just after surgery


Singing Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some kind of bird bath

We had company for dinner last night, and as they were leaving, we looked over and saw this sight. The night before I saw a similar sight, only they were rolling in mud....I mean rolling, mud caked on thick. I wanted to take a picture, but I figured that would only encourage this behavior. The things they think of!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautifully written

I found a blog of a couple that I went to A&M with. They sang in the choir at our church, I was barely an acquaintance, but we have mutual friends. I had heard last year, that they had a baby boy with downs. This was surprising to everyone, especially with her only being in her late twenties and him being about 30. Anyway, looking at her blog the other night, I read one of the sweetest letters I have ever seen. If you have time, you have to check this is so moving..............sweetest letter.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home again, home again....

Matt came home from the hospital today!!! He is pretty tired and weak, but glad to be home. I think it will take him a while to be back to his normal self.

Ella also came home today. Not so sure she was ready, but we are so glad to have her. Maylee and Hadley both were so happy to see her. Maylee was chasing Ella around the house, and Ella was screaming "I chasing, I chasing!!" Hadley was just cooing at her as loud as she could.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

When it pours.

What a week we have had.

Sunday I went up to my parents for the night. The next morning when it was time to go, Ella was telling me bye...apparently she wanted to stay, which actually worked for us. So I left her, thinking I would get her the next day or so.

Well, I got home, and Matt wasn't feeling well. So later that evening, he was feeling so bad I took him to CareNow. I didn't want to take Maylee and Hadley in, so I sat in the car with them, waiting on Matt. THREE HOURS later, Matt comes out. Pneumonia. He felt so bad.

Tuesday he slept most of the day. Then Tuesday afternoon, I kind of started to feel a little "off". I was running a fever and had a horrible sore throat. I had strep throat two weeks ago, so I promptly went to the doctor Wednesday morning.....strep again. Lovely, just lovely.

Matt's mom came into town to take care us. Matt started to feel better, but had this red stripe on his leg. We all were concerned so he went back to CareNow. They thought it could possible a blood clot, so they sent him straight to the ER. After a sonogram, they ruled out a blood clot, and determined it to be the MRSA, a staph infection. It was in his lymph nodes in his upper thigh. They gave him an iv and antibiotics, and then sent him home at 12:30 am.

Thursday I decided to take Maylee to the doctor, b/c she had an infected toe, and I wanted to make sure it was not MRSA (which she had before as an infant). We got to the doctor, she wasn't that concerned about MRSA, but Maylee did have an ear infection.

Meanwhile back at home, Matt's stripe is getting larger, so he goes back to the ER. They decided to admit him. So that is where we are, he is still in the hospital with an iv and strong antibiotics. I think he will be there a day or two longer. Hopefully he can get over this fast.

Oh, and Ella is still at my parents! So it turned out good that she missed out on all of this, and she is being spoiled with trips for ice cream, Chuck E. Cheese, and movies....she isn't missing us in the slightest, she may just cry when she has to come home. Maylee and Hadley are loving the GG time too. Maylee is quite accustomed to the daily Starbucks run!