Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eating me green oats!

In the spirit of St. Patrick's day yesterday, we ate green oats for breakfast. The girls thought it was pretty cool.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Saturday started off as a pretty normal day. Matt's parents had been in town and were coming over for lunch before heading back home. They got here, and Matt and I headed out to pick up the food. Matt called in the order, and he started ordering a ton of food....if you know my husband, you wouldn't be too surprised by this as he tends to get really excited about food. We needed to stop and get tea, so as I was going to run into Chick-fil-a to get the tea, Matt told me to get 3 gallons, now I know we like sweet tea, but three gallons!!??? Finally I just gave in and got three gallons. As we were driving back and approaching our house, I started noticing there were several cars at our house. I said something to Matt, and....

Surprise!!! He said, it's your birth day!! Sweet boy, he had my parents, Michelle and James, and his parents all come in to celebrate my birthday....the big 3-0. I know he put a lot of thought and effort into this, and he really made it special.

It was also great hearing Michelle saying "Ok everybody hide!" as we were coming in, even though the cars were parked up front. Michelle, you know I love you!!

Thank you family for celebrating with me, and thank you sweet friends for the birthday wishes. I had a great and wonderful day or days that is, as I got to celebrate 2 days!!

Check out my cool cake:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long time gone

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, so here is a rather long update. I can't seem to move these pictures around so they are quite out of order.

I must first note that our most recent updates are that Hadley is now 5 months! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, I'm just trying to savor my every minute with her.

Also, Maylee and Ella have a little more bling these days.....pierced ears that is!!! They are very proud of them. The whole thing went so well with Maylee, I decided just to do Ella while we were at it.

Like I said, these pictures are so out of order, so my apologies.

If arranged marriages were still custom, we would have all our girls signed up with the Skinner boys. We got to visit with them in Longview and had such a blast...they are such a sweet special family to us.

Dr. Maylee here, making sure everything is ok with Chelle's baby.

We were able to stop by Tyler and play with cousins. The girls always have so much fun with those sweet boys!

Showing off pierced ears! I really didn't think she would go through with it, but she did. Sweet and Sassy was great. However, long story, but they did both of Maylee's ears at the same time, but not Ella's. I would totally advise to do it at the same time, even if you have to leave and come back. Ella was fine after about 2 minutes and getting to pick out a sucker.

Quite the bed head!

Playing the bride with GG's dress-up clothes, she was really getting into it.

This picture freaked Matt out a bit, just thinking she would be doing this all too soon.

Maylee told me that she was marrying Ella. Oh how we don't want to go there on so many levels!

A perfect day for a 2 year old: a fun new shirt, a beautiful day, playing at the park, and a pink flamingo from Sonic....doesn't get much better.

After a fun day of Valentine parties, Ella decided to either pour out or drink the remainder of Maylee's medicine. So, after calling poison control, we ended up at the ER, and she had to eat chocolate pudding laced with charcoal. I really wish the whole experience hadn't been so pleasant.....I mean we are talking about one on one time with mom, a whole hospital staff doting over her, and chocolate pudding. I guess I need to make a point to have more one-on-one time..minus poison control and the ER.

Funny how the pictures of Ella at her school parties involve her eating donut holes.

A couple weeks ago we found this, after Maylee asked where the trampoline was. She seriously thought for a minute that Santa came and took it back. Later that day, I saw a picture on the news of a trampoline is a random field with I guess we weren't the only ones.

Our sweet Hadley. She really is a sweet sweet little thing. I know I'm completely biased, but even the ladies in the nursery yesterday, went on and on what a sweet little baby she is.
She is just a little rollie pollie, she is in the 90% in weight and only 50% in height. She is rolling over and has a great little laugh we can't get enough of.

Unfortunately, being the third, this is how she spends A LOT of her time!