Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I would like to thank the academy...."

The words from her mouth at this moment were "I just can't believe it!!"   Can we say DRAMA???!!!  Ha!  Pretty cute.
Ella had her Buckaroo camp this week and LOVED it! She got to ride Muffin everyday. They has a little "rodeo" today. The teach introduced them and shared a few facts as the kids were lead around the arena. One fact shared was the favorite activity, most kids (all but one may I add) said horse riding. Ella's???.....oh, hers was eating snowcones! Ha!
They also had a trophy presentation and this may have been the highlight of Ella's life thus far. After receiving hers, she exclaimed "I've never got one of these before!!". You really would have thought she had just won an Oscar.