Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 more pics

Here are two pics I got of Hadley this afternoon when I picked her up.
Leigh Anne

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Early Celebration

This morning as we were approaching the preschool steps, this is what we saw! Hadley's sweet teachers had already begun celebrating her. So sweet! Inside she got to wear the birthday shirt and had a sign on her cubbie. I brought donut holes. So she should have a great day. Tomorrow is her real birthday, so I'm sure I'll have more pictures yet to come.
Leigh Anne

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Boy!!!

Last week I had my final sonogram. Everything looked great (which was music to my ears, since it was my 30 week sonogram when we found out about Maylee's heart defect). I asked if it was still a boy, and they said yes. He was weighing 3lbs 8 oz, which was a little big...so who knows, he might just make an early exit/entry like Ella did (three weeks early). However I won't hold my breath for that. Here is a 3D pic from the appointment...my expectations weren't high as last time when I had a 3D with Hadley the best pic we got was of her leg. At least this one has one eye part of a nose and cheek, but not much better as the chord is in front of par of his face. You will have to use your imagination!
Leigh Anne

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sugar and Spice and everything nice.....

I took these pictures about two months ago, and just now downloaded them to my computer.  My sweet girls!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Several "Big" days...

Several big days for the girls.  First,  Maylee had her first chapel day on Wednesday.  They have to wear their plaid jumper and she was so excited...here she is:

Today Ella and Hadley had their first day of preschool.  They both were really excited and did great.  Both ran into their classrooms and didn't look back (that is huge for Ella b/c she sometimes has issues with being dropped off).  Here they are:

Oh, and let me tell you how our little red head pretty much refuses to keep her clothes on at the house.  This morning I dressed her, and she promptly started fussing and pulling at the shirt I had put on.  Before I knew it, she had pulled off her shirt.  I thought she didn't want her clothes on, but then she came out with Maylee or Ella's purple shirt (just like the one she is wearing), so I went and got hers.  Put it on her, and she was as happy as could be!!!!!   She isn't even 2, and is already complaining about how I dress her.....we have a long road ahead!!!

So when I picked Ella and Hadley up, this is how I found Hadley:

I couldn't believe it!  Now granted she was in a room all by herself  with a teacher (b/c she was talking and not laying down with the other kids), but she was asleep on her nap mat!  I always find this to be a small miracle.

Today, Maylee also had her annual check up with her cardiologist.  Everything looked great.  It is always good to see and hear that.  She has come so far in almost 6 years.

And I know that this is a long post, but I cooked my friend's recipe tonight and it was so good....so here is the link if you want an: easy good fish recipe.  I too used frozen tilapia fillets, and cooked first for 10 minutes topped with cheese and 5 more minutes.  I also used dried chives and dill.  Sooo good!