Thursday, March 25, 2010


The end of February through the beginning of March, we went to Aspen with all of Matt's immediate family.  Honestly I was a little nervous (ok, more than a little) with all the girls, but we had SO MUCH FUN!!  We skied, went snow mobiling, swam, and ate tons of good food.  Maylee and Ella were in ski school 5 days, and they did a great job.  We really got a kick out of them skiing down the little bunny hill.  However, one day in ski school, they put Maylee in a group where she was the only one that spoke english.  Talk about devastation!!!!  She just couldn't understand why the other kids wouldn't talk or play with her!  The next day we made sure she had at least one english speaking buddy with her.  Again, it was so much fun, and here are some pics to prove.

Getting ready to hit the slopes!
Waiting to go into ski school
Tired little
Tired little skier.....two
What a beautiful view!!
I think this pic is funny....she is saying "cheeeeeeeese".  Poor Hadley only left the house 4 times the whole time and 3 were going to eat!  However, she had a blast with her cousin....proof is below:
They found lots of things to get into!
So much fun snow mobiling!
The helmets were huge!! They could barely walk straight!
This little "friend" came peering right up to the kitchen window one morning.  Glad there was glass between us!

Our whole group