Friday, January 22, 2010

Really?? It's been that long?...Brace yourselves!

I can't believe it has been so long!!??  After three birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas (oh, and all the Twilight books) I just have gotten so behind on blogging.  This seems to be my trend for this time of year.  So where do I begin to catch up....well here goes...

So for all my girls, I have had their one year portraits made.  I absolutely love them.  They are the first possessions I would seek if our house was burning down (of course assuming the children are already out and in a safe place, ha!).  So here is Hadley's....and I went ahead and added Maylee's and Ella's too.  It wasn't until I saw Hadley's and Ella's side by side did I see such a resemblance, I always thought she favored Maylee more, but I think it is pretty even now.

Hadley Anne

Ella Faye

Maylee Elizabeth
Our little "ice" queen of dress-up
Maylee and Kit at the American girl fun!  Can't wait to take both Maylee and Ella, now that they both have a Kit doll.

Happy 5th Birthday Maylee!  Her fun gymnastics party!

One of Maylee's birthday presents, but Hadley thinks she is hers!

Thanksgiving Day Parties

They had a blast decorating their gingerbread housesPicking pecans with Grandma

Nice Group shot, right!
Our little Angel.

Our other little Angel breaking the rules and touching the nativity!

She was singing her heart out!
Sweet Friends
Gaylord Ice show

Christmas Parties!
Pop's hayride!

Hard work, especially when the elbow is required.
Cousin time
Couldn't you just squeeze him!!!

Sitting in the chair is the present that Maylee picked out for Ella....I have to say it was the favorite present of all....go figure!!
Ella and the whoopie cushion in action!Maylee taking off on her bike!!Stinson cousin time...taking a break from tackling Pops!
This is one of the presents that Santa brought the girls, and I have to say how cool it is.  It put stars all over their room at night, and even has a 40 minute timer.  It says for infants to something like 36 months, but they love it, and I think I would like one too!