Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet my new best friends....

So I was in Target yesterday and I saw these....

I love Happy Baby food anyways, so I knew instantly I was going to LOVE these...and I do.  They are little pouches of baby food with spout!  So you can let older ones suck them down themselves or squeeze into a spoon for little ones.  We ate out last night, so I grabbed one and Hadley sucked it down and was happy as could be.  This is so cool and convenient that I just had to share!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

We participate in our church's Trunk or Treat again this year. The girls had a blast. We had two beautiful princesses and one of the cutest little bumble bees I've ever seen (if you ask me, ha!). Matt had to meet me at the church, so I tried to park in space that was somewhat hidden and out of a mainstream path b/c I had to one, change Hadley's dirty diaper, and two, put the girls in their dresses (as hoop skirts and car seats don't really mix). Oh to my surprise (and many others at that) we were right on the hayrides' path.....boy did those people get a show. I tried to be as discrete as possible to take care of our business (with the tailgate down and the back window open), but my two girls in panties who had crawled over the seats to the back of the car, would shout "Trick or Treat!!" as each hay ride would go by. I think we saw about 10 rides pass! The girls were in heaven getting so much candy. It really was nice outside, and a night full of fun.