Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some fun pick'en, and family fun

Last week and over the weekend we had a lot of fun, and saw so many of our favorite people. We went to my parents during the week, and the girls spent some great time in their garden. They got to pick corn, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, and a cucumber. They ate it up! Really!!

We got to visit with our family in Denison (which we always love), and then more family came up on Thursday. My aunt, uncle, cousin and her kids spent the night at my parents. The girls had so much fun with Sam and Noey.

Then Friday we all headed up to Oklahoma City for my youngest cousins wedding. So even more family!!! It was great. I only wish it could have lasted a little longer. The wedding was beautiful.

Here are some of our fun pics.

I love how Maylee is working hard shucking the corn, and Ella is working hard eating it!
Nonnie's baby....
Pop's baby

Isn't this one of the cutest things you've ever seen!

Maylee loved Sam.

She did her own hair....can't you tell!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

The lady who has helped us out over the past few years has almost become family. Many times when she comes to house she would bring her daughter with her. She is a sweet girl. Well, Holly is about to turn 15 and is having a quinceanera. They were looking for a photographer, and I told them I would gladly try to take a few pics. So they came over Saturday, and Holly looked so beautiful. The girls kept saying how beautiful Holly looked and how she was a princess. Cute. Here are a few pics....she is gorgeous.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Few Milestones

Much has happened in the past few weeks, so I'll give some updates. Time flies when your having fun right!

Maylee had her dance recital, and it was really cute. Her dance was one of the first ones, and we were leaving right least that was the plan. As we were about to leave, they stopped the recital due to a tornado warning, and everyone had to exit and go to the gym (it was at Southlake's senior high). The show went on after about 30 minutes...crazy!!

We participated in our church's VBS. It was Maylee's first year not to just be in childcare, and she enjoyed it. I was one of the first grade teachers, and it was a lot of fun....a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Those kids crack me up. Were all thoroughly worn out, a great week though.

When we did Maylee's baby dedication, it was on Mother's Day and that was really special. It just happened that Hadley's baby dedication was on Father's Day. How appropriate that we pledged to love, teach and raise our baby as our Heavenly Father loves. What a huge responsibility!!! Matt is such a great dad. He loves those little girls better than I can imagine. They adore him, and he deserves it.

The 28th was Matt's birthday. The girls couldn't stop saying Happy Birthday!! We went to one of our favorite brunch buffets, and as Matt was going to get more food, Ella yelled after him "Come back here Birthday boy". It was really cute. Although it is mid-July, they are still saying Happy Birthday!!

As if Father's day and Matt's birthday wasn't enough....on the 29th we celebrated our 7th about Christmas in June!!! We celebrated at Bob's (our favorite steak house). It has been a great seven years and we have really been blessed. Ok, I must show you an image of true love....let me preface first. We had a magnolia tree at our old house and I just loved it. The blooms are beautiful and smell so good...however, if you've had one, you know they are shedding monsters. I wanted one at our house, but all Matt could talk about was how much of a mess they are. We went to a tree farm, and I begged him to get one....sooo....let me present....Magnolia Row!!! He got 8!!! Now if you know Matt, this isn't too surprising!

We also hit the 9 month mark with Hadley. My baby is growing up so fast!! My baby. She really is the sweetest little thing. She bounces/laughs, and claps all at the same time all the time, and it just melts my heart. We just love our little red head!!

For the Fourth of July we made our annual trip to Arkansas, and had a great time on the lake. It is so beautiful up there.

Lastly, the girls have just been having fun together, enjoying one is the proof...

Oh and I loved these pics...