Monday, November 24, 2008

Four years ago....

Around this time of year for the past three years, I get slightly more emotional/sentimental than usual. Four years ago on November 23rd is when Maylee had her open heart surgery. At a glance it seems like it was forever ago, yet if I think about it more than a minute, all the feelings and emotions come rushing back as if it were yesterday.

It was defiantly the hardest day of my life thus far. Maylee honestly wasn't doing well, she needed the surgery, however they discovered the morning of the surgery Maylee had the MRSA staph infection (yes this is the one people die from....thank goodness I didn't know it at the time). So then they were going to post pone the surgery b/c of the infection, but her stats were too low, and they needed to operate. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I could hardly hold it together. I will uphold you with my right hand....that is what I was saying over and over. I can still see the top of her little head, as they rolled her little baby bed through the doors back to the operating room. I truly didn't know if I would see my baby again.

The surgery was about 5 hours long. I remember sitting in the waiting room during the surgery, looking out the windows seeing grey clouds all around. I thought to myself how fitting my outside world looked as gray as my inside one. The cardiothoracic surgeon's assistant would call every thirty minutes to an hour to give a report. I was living phone call to phone, update to update, minute by minute.

About 3pm the final update call came, the surgery had been a success, and Maylee was doing well. Oh what great relief and joy had overcome me. I couldn't stop smiling. I just happened to glance outside, and know what caught my eye?....a rainbow. A rainbow..... how fitting once again that God's reassurance that everything was going to be ok was staring back at me. How great is our God. Now I know God will get you through any situation, through any circumstances good or bad, and I was so glad he had pulled our baby through. The only way we got through that whole ordeal is from the strength of God, and so many people praying for us. We still meet people today that tell us they prayed for Maylee. We were so blessed by so many prayer worriers.

Looking at Maylee today, you would never know how much she has already been through in her four little years. She is a joy that is beyond description. She is physical proof of our wonderful God. We are so grateful for the sweet blessing of our first baby girl.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Girl

This past Tuesday, Maylee turned 4!!!! I can't believe she is four. We had her party last Saturday at our church's Paradise Pond. She had a blast....notice the smile plastered on her face. It was there all week long. She ate up having everyone's attention while they sang her Happy Birthday.

This is Tuesday, after dinner at Chick-fil-a (her choice) she blew out more candles.

Showing off on her new scooter.....notice Ella in the background.....on the too much information side, she is taking care of business....I thought it was funny (I might be the only one)!

Can you say EXCITED!!!!

I had to throw this one in there..Ella was so proud of the dandelion she has in her hand. Notice how Maylee is carrying her scooter up the drive instead of riding it!

Ella of course had to blow candles out too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New set of wheels

These days, if you drive by our house, it is very likely that you would see this (oh, and yes Maylee does have a black eye, her and Ella had a literal head on collision):

With the girls birthdays being so close together, this was their joint present (I'm sure we can't get away with that for much longer). They love it. They drive all over the yard in their car, listening to the little radio. They think they are something else. They are so cute, b/c many times they load up the car with their baby dolls (they but the doll carrier on the hood of the car), purses, cell phones, and sun glasses of course. I'll have to try and get a picture of the whole get up.
The day we gave them the car, Maylee drove first. It looked like a pretty wild ride. Then it was Ella's turn. And to help your imagination, I have visuals. OK, picture Exhibit A (only with Ella driving) picture Exhibit B.....I'm sure you can imagine what happens next. Yep, Ella runs them strait into the tree (note that almost the entire time she is driving, she is looking back at us, and not where she is going....not that looking forward would have improved her driving). Once they were in the tree, one of the still has their foot on the gas, so the wheels are still turning, they both are crying, and we (Matt, GG and me) are laughing too hard to run to their immediate help. They were fine, they both wanted their clothes off, guess it was itchy. Since then I have not seen Ella drive. I'm sure she will come around soon.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5 weeks

Miss Hadley is now 5 weeks!! Can't believe how fast the time flying!! But then again, I always seems to happen that way. After talking to my sweet friend Lindsay the other day, I realize I hadn't posted many pictures of Hadley. So Linds, you asked for pictures, boy are you getting them! So here is a little update of the past few weeks. (yes, Ella is pinching Hadley's nose, had to throw in the two princess off to a princess birthday party, and I just love the crossed eyes!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Pig, Little Pig...

Ok, as a completely biased mother, last year I didn't think Halloween could get much cuter than my sweet Little Bo Peep, and her sheep:

However this year, I think they ran a close race as the Three Little Pigs.
We went up to our church for the Trunk or Treat. The girls had a great time. They loved getting candy. It was funny a bunch of the older people thought they were sheep with snouts! Funny.

Wishing for red...

As I sit here tonight, following the election, I'm starting to feel depressed. I'm wanting to see more states painted red on the US map they keep showing. As I'm coming to terms that Obama is going to be the new president, I remembered something I came across in a Beth Moore study. She touched on God being in control and setting kings up and deposing them, and giving them wisdom. So I thought I would check out her blog to see what she said. It was encouraging, so I thought I would post her thoughts:

A few things I'm so thankful for on this election day, regardless of the outcome:

*We live in a democracy where we have the right to a vote and a voice. We have the God-given responsibility to use both wisely and in the way that best reflects what God conveys through Scripture.

*God "works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will" and "according to the plan." Ephesians 1:11

*Not only does God work out everything in conformity with His will, He has promised to work out everything for the GOOD of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

*God sets up kings and deposes them and gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Daniel 2:21

*We, the beautifully diverse family of God, are never - not at any time - powerless. Nor are we ever victims of a system. Believing prayer takes us through doors we'll never be invited to enter and into judges chambers we'll never grace. Take a look back at Genesis 18 once again with astonishment over the dialogue between God and His servant and friend, Abraham. Rejoice that God is ever mindful of a faithful remnant. The Judge of the Earth will always do right.

*Even if persecution should await believers in Christ or harrowing circumstances hound us, God will use hardship to bring unity and purity to a people who need it desperately. The best of circumstances do not always produce the best in the Bride of Christ.

*The living God is firmly established upon His Throne and there at His holy feet we can always find grace and mercy in our time of need.

*No matter what happens today, we are GOD'S elect. He has elected us to show His heart and to walk in His ways in the culture that surrounds us. We are called to walk in the challenging balance of grace and truth.

May we be filled with Christ's Spirit today and our mouths given to praise and to believing, receiving prayer. God IS faithful and He has us firmly in His hand. We will not fear. We will not doubt. We will not hate.

"Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders." Deuteronomy 33:12

I remain your servant,